Sometimes writing "gonna" instead of "going to" is cute, but according to a study, it makes you appear less attractive to potential right swipes if you've got it in your dating app profile.

All "teh" dates in the world can be "yourz" if you just remember to spell-check your dating "proffile."

That's the takeaway of a new study of more than 800 dating-site users, which found people rank potential matches as less attractive when there are typos in their profiles.

"In the case of online dating, inattentiveness can be interpreted as a lack of effort and interest in putting time and effort in constructing a dating profile," says study author Tess Van der Zanden. "This is subsequently likely to be perceived as unattractive."

The good news is, most of your fellow online daters also suck at grammar and probably don't even catch your misspellings and poor punctuation. The study also found that only 33.5 percent of study participants noticed errors in other people's profiles.

I don't know, if you can't handle me at my 'hella', you don't deserve me at my.. I don't know. I mostly talk in slang and partial words.

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