Valentine's Day is almost here and for the Treasure Valley, that means that love will be in the air--amongst those who are in love, of course. Singles may gather with friends to pass the time during over-commercialization and romanticization of the annual holiday. Couples will find themselves at dinner, giving gifts, or perhaps fighting over one partner forgetting about any of the above.

When it comes to the single folks in our area--how and where are they meeting people? Bars and concerts--or online? More and more it seems that online dating is just the norm as people swipe endlessly looking for love...or a good time. A recent study published results for each state, ranking which apps are most popular amongst its respective residents.

Which apps do you think Idaho resorts to for love?

These 5 Apps Are Idaho's Dating Favorites

When Idaho is seeking love--where do they go?

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Did any surprise you? That number three is awfully interesting...

If you've never heard of "Ashley Madison"--it's an online "dating" platform that is made for people in committed relationships that want an affair. Oh my, how scandalous this result is, Idaho! Obviously this app has a lot of potential to "home wreck" and ideally, the survey is all wrong about this one!

According to the release, statistics and ranks were based on total searches for the apps and not necessarily total usage.  Other apps that made the cut nationwide included Hinge, Bumble, Plenty of Fish and Grindr.

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