As I watched The Bachelorette finale last night, and Jed serenaded Hannah before (SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!) he proposed, I couldn't help but tweeting this:

It seems many women agreed based on the responses I got. Could be because I'm immature, or could be because some things that are meant to be sweet, are just freaking awkward!

Which brings me to my point: What things has a girl/guy/anyone done for you/to you/ in front of you that was meant to be sweet, but it actually just made you cringe?!

Example: I was once lowkey, kind of, not really but sort of, texting with this guy I met at T-Mobile. His name was Angel. One morning, I woke up to a multiple paragraph sexual poem. You read that right. A sexual poem. A long, elaborate one. Unprompted and while it was.. interesting to say the least, it was SO cringe-worthy. I could not take him seriously after that. And may have sent the screenshots to all of my friends. And had my cohost read the text on our podcast at the time.

It was just too much.. and weirdly? Since then, I've received several poems from several guys. I don't know what about me says "send me poems!!!" but I'm just not the right girl for that.

So what has someone done, sent, or told you that was supposed to be sweet but you just couldn't handle?! DM me or comment!



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