Perhaps it's stating the obvious, but the recent fire at Table Rock was devastating. This afternoon the entire 103.5 KISSFM staff piled into Kekeluv's Jeep (yes, I was in the trunk) and drove around Boise to see what people were doing.  We checked out Lucky Peak, checked out Downtown, but it didn't matter where we went Table Rock stuck out like a sore thumb.  Especially on the drive to Lucky Peak, we were driving right through the roads that were closed the night we brought you the breaking news of the fire.

With most of Table Rock black from the distinguished fire, Boise Fire officials are reminding the public that popular routes such as Table Rock Trail, Table Rock Loop, Rock Quarry, and Tram Trail are closed.

A close eye will be kept on the area through the weekend and ask that you only call 911 if you see smoke or fire coming from the perimeter of the burn site.

This fire should serve as a reminder to all over the holiday weekend to be safe and smart with your fireworks.

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