Michelle Heart handed me a purple folder on Monday with information-rich pamphlets regarding this month’s awareness campaign. October marks a few including the more popular awareness campaigns around breast cancer. If you see more pink than usual, it might make sense now. Back to the purple folder.

October is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month and I requested to write about this as much as possible during the various campaigns. It’s so crazy how things happen. I was just thinking about what to write and I stopped to watch one of my favorite Robin Williams performances ever. Williams tasked to break through to Matt Damon who plays a once in a lifetime, brilliant, witty, hilarious, troubled, and victim of domestic violence. Crazy how that works. So, I just finished it and here I am.

Robin Williams Remembered
Getty Images: The famous bench Robin Williams sat with Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting.

This coming April will mark the 10th year I’ve made it a mission to stand up against child abuse. The one thing about child abuse is that it can turn into further types of damage. We call that the CYCLE of abuse and we try to break that cycle.

Domestic violence is a destructive and I’ve lived it, witnessed it, and now do what I can to stop it. I’ve met more people than I ever thought would be possible having encountered this epidemic. Domestic Violence isn’t a simple fix. It’s not as easy and just “leaving him/her.” The pathway to a violent future is complicated, and unless the right people surround you, the cycle continues forever.

Here’s a scene I’d like to share if you haven’t already seen. Robin Williams has been mentally tangling with Matt Damon's character for the entire show and finally breaks through in this emotional, rare non-comedic moment from Williams. It’s powerful, raw, and what most victims struggle with. (Beware of explicit language.)

I’d like to come here every day and give you more information, testimony from my friends, listeners, and survivors of abuse. Let me caution you that it’s never easy and the path won’t be any more accessible. Once you break through THAT mindset and realize that your life is more valuable than being subjected to the physical and mental abuse, you’ll understand that it’s much easier than you thought.  You WILL realize it wasn't your fault.

Today, I’d like to empower YOU to say, NO MORE. I came across this campaign years ago and it’s a powerful statement in two simple words, NO MORE. No more will you be punched, kicked, or pushed around. NO MORE will you be mentally stabbed with language that will eventually tear you down. NO MORE will you watch your family go through torment because you’re afraid to leave. NO MORE will you be made to feel that without them, you mean nothing. Today, You start to live again.

Let’s start by giving you one of the best resources in the Treasure Valley, The Women’s & Children’s Alliance. I’ll list links, and information. You just have to call.

Let’s start by giving you one of the best resources in the Treasure Valley, The Women’s & Children’s Alliance. I’ll list links, numbers and information. You just have to call.

24 Hour Domestic Abuse Hotline: (208) 343-7025

24 Hour Sexual Assault Hotline: (208) 345-7273

About the WCA: The Women’s & Children’s Alliance provides safety, healing and freedom from domestic abuse and sexual assault. The WCA does so through secure shelters, professional counselilng, legal advocacy, crisis services and case management to survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault.

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