It makes me sad that in the first week of April I have to grab a keyboard and write this post. The child abuse prevention campaign that I created back in 2006 in Spokane, Washington and brought it to Boise will suffer this year.

We created "Live for 175" back in 2007 which is a 7-day period that we stand up against child abuse. This is my #1 passion outside the lover for my own family. It's safe to say that the coronavirus has put a 2020 end to that. There will be no big event this year.

In the last 5 years, we've celebrated our child abuse prevention event with something called, "Cycle to Break the Cycle." We ride stationary bikes at the Village in Meridian for 175 hours to call attention to this epidemic that destroys people.

April is child abuse prevention month and I've made it my mission to do whatever I can to stop it. Unfortunately, we've don't own the coronavirus and we can't control that.

What now? Well, we try to stay alive. The coronavirus is about to inflict destruction in our country over the next few weeks and the goal is to survive. It sucks. it's devastating. Unfortunately, that's all we know right now and that's just to survive.

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I spoke with the new manager of Kiss which is Mikey Fuentes and he understands how important our child abuse prevention event is. There is no confusion about this event but right now we have to walk away and focus on staying alive.

I'm sure most people will say things like, "just do it next year because once this is over we'll be fine." No. No. Domestic violence doesn't look the other way. Child abuse doesn't take a break. Being raped doesn't go away once you graduate college. Only victims and survivors will understand what I'm saying. Abuse lives with us and NEVER goes away. I remember all the heartfelt stories over the last 13 years and they live inside me. I will never forget when a teen called me and told me she was raped by 3 men at a party. I can't forget the mother who gave me her teddy bear because our event taught her it was okay to move on. That teddy bear was her best friend and now this event released her.

I remember the first day of our event when a father walked up and said, "you just saved my life because I was going to kill myself. It was something you said that made me think of my son and I realized that it wasn't about me anymore. This thing just saved my life. You just saved my life and gave my son his father forever."

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I'll never forget my favorite family who comes to every event because of their dark past. I will never lose sight of the kids who came each year because they trusted me. They don't have to say anything because I can see it in their eyes. There is something about a 70-year-old grandpa who walks up and cries in your arms.

It's 2020 and this event destroys me. I mean no disrespect but this isn't a radio game or stunt. I absolutely hate it. I was brought up to never hate anything and I teach my son the same. All that said, I hate this week and I'm holding back the tears right now. I have a place inside me that is like a massive box where it all lives. Yes, I definitely need some type of therapy. I've been receiving emails, messages, phone calls and personal situations that have messed me up. That stuff never goes away and will never leave my soul.

Let us get through the coronavirus and all of its destruction. We will get by this devastation I promise you. We won't be doing a child abuse prevention event as of right now because people are trying to figure out life. I can't control that but I will make you a promise to talk with you. I'll keep on it with blogs every day and messages. This stuff we're going through right now is going to leave and we'll be back in 2021. I promise.

In the meantime, this is the time that domestic violence and child abuse is the worst. Please keep in contact with your friends to ensure they are safe. Don't lose sight right now. This is when it's bad because everyone is home and the sadness will double everything.

I promise to do what I can but please keep in touch with your friends and give them resources for help. In a bad situation just call 911.


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