You've seen a lot of people donating to different social justice programs over the past week or so, and now one of our favorite companies is donating a huge amount to help the cause as well.

Yesterday, The Walt Disney Company pledged to donate $5 million to support non-profit groups fighting for social justice. The started with a $2 million donation to the NAACP.

Disney also said it would match any donations made by employees to eligible organizations, which is a huge deal. The CEO of the Walt Disney Co. said this:

"The killing of George Floyd has forced our nation to once again confront the long history of injustice that black people in America have suffered, and it is critical that we stand together, speak out and do everything in our power to ensure that acts of racism and violence are never tolerated. The $5 million pledge will continue to support the efforts of nonprofit organizations such as the NAACP that have worked tirelessly to ensure equality and justice."

I love seeing all of these companies, corporations and regular every day people speak out against racism.

If you're looking for opportunities to do something here in Boise, there's another peaceful protest at the Capitol Sunday morning. 

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