Fat Tuesday is traditionally celebrated as a night of indulging. Come indulge with us. Huggie, Michelle and the KISS Street Team are hosting a party for you at Fatty's tonight starting at 9:30. It will feel like you're on Bourbon Street. 

It's all about the beads and bright colors...and the drinks. Get ready. We're waiting.

No cover from 7pm-10pm. After that, all bets are off.

Let's talk drink specials, shall we? I mean, it IS a night of indulging.
$3 - Domestic Bottles and Drafts
$4 - Wells (Vodka/Gin/Rum/Tequila/Whiskey)
$5 - Vodka n' NOHO
$5 - Tequila Shots (select brand- just ask and they'll know. I just can't advertise it, here)
$6 - The Original " Fatty Double Tall" Well drinks

$3 - Bourbon Blues Shots
$3 - Flasher Shots
$4 - Hurricane Drinks
$4 - Voo Doo Dream Drinks

We're ready. Are you?

You're more fun when you're around so please...if you drink, don't drive. Bookmark this page for DD Services.

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