Have you watched a parent embarrass their child to the point where it's uncomfortable to watch? Have you ever been embarrassed and wanted to crawl into a hole where you could hide away  from the world? Well it happened to the New Taylor, TayTay, TSwizzle

I find it interesting that just last night at an industry dinner a few friends and I were talking about the Taylor Swift backstage industry meet & greet. Let me share a really cool experience I had on the Taylor Swift Reputation tour.

It was nine of us. Radio personalities and Program directors we're the only ones invited to this special backstage meet and greet. After arriving at the venue the label takes us back to this plush area decorated and catered with all things Taylor including song themed drinks and baked goods. It was impressive! When they said VIP they meant it. We enjoyed food, drink and me dessert for about 20 minutes and then from behind a curtain she appeared... Taylor took time to speak to each and every individual in that room. It wasn't your typical " Hi, nice to meet you, lets take a pic" type situation. It was an experience and she was sweet as apple pie. After she visited with everyone she introduced us to her mom who was equally as sweet which is exactly why I couldn't believe what I saw in this video. I was shocked that Taylor's mom would share such a video and then I realized that every parent that has a good relationship with their kid would do the same. Andrea well done! Thanks for sharing.


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