Kylie and Travis sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g... not so much. Well if you're a Kardashian fan today is a sad day. Reports everywhere of Kylie and Travis being over... or as some are referring to it... " They're taking a break".

Here's what we know, the two started hanging out in 2017 (first seen together at Coachella), they had a baby girl a year and half later and they've always fueled rumors of marriage so.... What happened? The interweb is full of rumors claiming that Kylie wanted a second baby and that Travis was ( LIzzo voice) Non-committal.

Hey Travis... What are you thinking?!!!! Tour life got you twisted? Did you find a more beautiful and successful woman to call "The one" ? Are you just blinded by all your success and the temptation? Or is the honeymoon over and what used to be the sexiest woman you had ever seen has now turned into your baby momma that isn't readily available for intimacy at a moments notice? Is the young Jenner no longer giving you the attention that fan girls around the world give you on the daily?  Or maybe you've decided that you're too young to have kids and since she wants a second child... she's not the one for you? Do you player... and in the meantime... Kylie was poppin? JK... JK... unless you're interested then I'm serious... HA


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