With fast food chains jumping on board with the vegetarian trend, it's time to break down the best options for vegetarians like me or even someone who wants to get in on a 'meatless monday' option.
In the search for the perfect vegetarian burger, the Washington Post corralled a few taste testers into sampling four different brands of vegetarian "meat" that were shaped into patties. Their preferences, from least to most favorite, are:

4-Lightlife Plant Based Ground. Lightlife has been working with plant-based proteins since 1979. However, their ground "meat" didn't impress any of the tasters for multiple reasons. The pink-orange color of the burger reminded tasters of a salmon burger, and the texture was like "the inside of a hot dog," according to one.
3-Sweet Earth Awesome Rounds. This was another oddly-colored burger, according to tasters. "Could be okay with condiments," one person guessed. The flavor wasn't fantastic either.
2-Beyond Beef. Beyond Beef reformulated its ground "meat" last year to include coconut oil and butter to mimic the white flecks of fat found in ground beef. Still, tasters found the interior of the burgers to be odd after being cooked. One taster mentioned the "weird textured bits", while another said the inside of the burger "looked like fossils trapped in rock."
1-Impossible Burger. The top choice for vegetarian burgers for the group was the one made by Impossible Burger, a brand celebrated by Jay-Z and other celebrities. The burger was "juicy" and had a "discernable salt level" compared to the others. The color was satisfying too, with a pink interior and a brown exterior.

I've actually never tried or even heard of the number 3 and 4 options, but I love both of the Impossible and Beyond patties.

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