Did I mention that I'm loving being back in Boise? Sometimes I think I'm enjoying it a bit too much... I mean I joined the Boise Co-op... This is where the emoji of me shrugging goes... lol. I've lived in many cities, let me share this fact with you to paint a more accurate picture... at one point I lived in 8 cities in 10 years. Even though I've enjoyed living in other cities Boise continues to drop pleasant surprises on me on a regular basis. Today was one of those fine days in our fair city. Allow me to explain.

Mateo and I decided that a 50 degree day in the Boise winter makes for a perfect outdoor lunch so we headed out to Downtown to find a cool spot to meet some industry friends. After parking on the street I put money in the meter and thought to myself one hour should be enough. We had a great lunch and headed back to the car, As we walked up to the car I noticed a parking ticket!!! We overstayed our welcome by five minutes. A measly five minutes got me a parking ticket or so I thought. When I opened the envelope to see how much the fine was, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the meter maid had given me a warning and in fact not a citation. Boise THANK YOU for the pleasant surprise.


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