There's a 'First Cat' in the White House, we're living through unprecedented and unpredictable times in this COVID-19 pandemic, yet some things NEVER change.

The need to file our taxes is just one of those things.

I spent my morning in downtown Boise having my taxes prepared today and that's because I was ready to roll! When it comes to these types of things, I like to get it over with.

Last year, as I am sure that you recall, the IRS who typically isn't so generous, decided they would give us an extension with the deadline. That didn't impact me last year, because much like this year I was way ahead on my things and my taxes were already filed. You're probably thinking that I am crazy but I promise, getting these things over with early on is totally worth it.

Tomorrow, Friday February 12th of 2021 kicks off "Tax Season"--the very first day that you can file your taxes. It's a later start than normal, due to COVID, however April 15th remains the deadline for your 2020 tax deadlines returned.

The sooner that you get your taxes filed, the sooner that you will be able to get that refund! If you owe, think of it as a way to get more time to prepare for that April tax deadline.

Another important thing to note is that extensions ARE available, which would make your deadline October 15th!

There are a TON of places here in the Treasure Valley that can help you prepare your taxes. This morning, Tom Brown at Petso Financial helped me--but find someone that helps you with your needs best! Also remember, those stimulus checks that we received this year are NOT taxable federally and while some states are taxing them--Idaho is not one of them.

For more on filing your taxes and to see steps you can take for quicker refund turnaround times, click HERE.

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