The most surprising part of this list? None of the street names have anything to do with potatoes.

If you take the time to travel across the Gem State, you're bound to run into some notable sights. Including some of the most peculiar road names we've ever heard of. Here's our top five, and where you can find them. Also, yes these are all actual street names in Idaho.


#5 - Chicken Dinner Road (Caldwell)

Dimas Ardian / Getty

Winner winner, unless you're vegan. In which case, you may want to take another route.


#4 - Mohawk Street (Pocatello)


Are you feeling angsty? Mad at mom and dad? Then blow off that steam with a nice drive down Mohawk Street!


#3 - Coffin Road (Boise)

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A sightseeing trip down this road is absolutely to die for.

...I'll see myself out.


#2 - Dingle Bottoms Road (Paris)


Wipe the slate clean with whatever crap you've heard about Dingle Bottoms Road. It's a lovely part of Paris.


#1 - Jackass Gulch Road (Emmett)


Looking for a place to dump all your ex-boyfriend's stuff? May I kindly recommend this lovely little corner of Emmett.


Honorable Mentions:

  • Lazy Lane (Idaho Falls)
  • Frozen Dog Road (Emmett)
  • Decay Lane (Soda Springs)
  • Nearing Place (Moscow)
  • Dusty Bison Circle (Idaho Falls)