Have you ever been out and about and seen someone that just caught your eye? Maybe they were like an angel out of heaven that you saw from across a store and knew you would never see again. Or perhaps you had some interaction, chose not to get their number, and went home regretting it? We've all had both of these moments at least once, right? Well on the internet, we called these 'Missed Connections'--and sometimes you wonder if it could have been more! Human energy is crazy!

Well, each week, I help a handful of people looking for that someone that THEY saw out and about. It's that time of the week.  Check these out below...are they looking for you? Or a friend!?

I think your name is Benson, I saw you shopping at winco, but I didn't know how you felt being approached with all the shoppers, you used to come by sometimes and we'd play, remember me? Snake bites? You had a backpack, shorts, and a bandana, I don't know if you wanna get back in touch again, but I have fond memories.

You work as a cashier at albertsons on ten mile, and you are stunningly beautiful, i hope you see this and are single.

I pulled up at the red light. You were crossing the street on your bike. You gave me a look. We didn’t break eye contact for a couple seconds. If that was real, I’d love to know you better. What color was my car?

Never do this but you caught my eye. I definitely was not looking my best after just having finished the gym.

Downtown Winco around 6pm on Wedneaday June 4. You were in the wine section and I looped around you to grab a bota box.

I am guessing you are mid 20s, about 5'7, caucasian, thin, wavy (in my opinion) hair, pretty eyes. You were DEFINITELY cold...

Would love to grab a drink sometime. If you like tall, educated, assertive men, we will probably click!

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