I ran out on the Greenbelt to check out this Boise River overflow. This is the highest since they even started recorded river levels 35 years ago. Check out these photos and crazy fast river flow.

Boise River Overflow
Photo by: Kekeluv

The Boise River is about is kind of a punchline to some walking about or college students ready to float the river. This isn't a funny situation considering there is still rain in the forecast and flooding is already creating a mess for the city. Did you see the mountains this evening? Snow packed! Treacherous winds that will continue throughout Friday and residents are already feeling the wrath. Check out this video I shot just hours ago and pay attention to the levels. Look at how fast it's moving.

The weather forecast calls for rain and high winds on Friday. There is a small bit of positivity in next week's outlook that shows minimal precipitation. Eagle could be taking the brunt of the flood if the rain persists and preparations are underway. Sand bags are being provided, and authorities are expressing extreme caution in the case an evacuation occurs. Be ready.

Ada County has set-up a link for details that are being updated daily. This is a very serious situation if all this water continues to weaken areas. If you have any questions on where to get your sandbags or what precautions you should take - follow the link below.

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