It's one of the most important seasonal jobs you could hold and it is a service to our country-- working for the Census Bureau! Knowing how we're growing, where we're growing, and what's happening demographically in our city, state, and country are all important indicators of where we stand! It's time for the Census Bureau to hit the ground and begin collecting data and they're going to need to hire thousands in order to get the job done! Looking for a side hustle? This cold be yours!

When I say there are "thousands" of jobs-- I mean it. The Census Bureau is hiring over 500,000 seasonal workers to help get this work done. The seasonal hiring will begin in the first quarter of the year 2020, so you've got some time to apply and get your routines and availability figured out before then.

I know you're wondering if the extra work would be worth it. I'd say pretty confidently that is. The hourly pay for these jobs range from $13 an hour to $30 an hour. While the work is part time-- how can you beat those hourly rates...for a SIDE GIG!? In a state like ours that has a minimum wage of just barely over $7 an hour-- you really can't go wrong by doubling or tripling that.

Interested in applying? Check out more, HERE.

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