This year, as I am sure you don't need reminded, has been unprecedented. The struggles, the uncertainty, and frankly the fear of all shapes and kinds that comes with a global pandemic can really throw a kink in how we operate as a society. Many believe we are in the midst of a societal and generational shift-- people will view travel, going out, and socializing completely differently once it is all said and done.  Even more impactful is how children in their developmental stages will react and grow from this--we simply don't know the answer to this just yet.

Yes, times are tough--but Girl Scouts are stronger.  We here at 103.5 KISS FM have had the privilege to work with the Girl Scouts of Silver Sage a lot over the years, between out annual child abuse prevention campaign and even last spring when we posted up in a rain storm and helped them sell cookies, pandemic-style!  Girl Scouts and those who help lead them are a different breed--a strong breed--of people that our community needs more of!

This is precisely why the Girl Scouts of Silver Sage are hoping to bring you into their fold and all you or your daughters to join--FREE.

A total of 250 free annual memberships are going to be given away as a holiday gift to YOU and the opportunity is HUGE.  Think of all the benefits that will come from membership for you or that girl in your life. Unparalleled opportunities to learn leadership, business, life skills, and to simply become resilient.

The world needs more Girl Scouts and the cost of membership shouldn't be what stops you from joining this amazing group this year.

Interested? Great! CLICK HERE FOR MORE.


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