Couch Bike

I found the safest drinking and riding experience in the Treasure Valley. Have you ever heard of the crazy couch races? The Handlebar on 1519 West Main Street in Boise will host the comfiest couch event you've ever seen. I really mean, couch. This is a sofa on wheels and might be the first time you've actually burnt calories while drinking.

"It's a timed race and the best time wins. Easy? Nope! You are sitting on a couch that has wheels and each person steers with their feet. No steering wheels just pedal power. Wait, there is one catch, one person has to be blindfolded." said co-owner Lauren Berry.

They have set up a course in the bar and the videos are pretty funny. Competing is free to win bar tabs, swag, and get in for the finals. Grand prize winners will win a bike from Performance Bicycles. 

Georgetown Brewery will be hosting Thursday with pales to dark beers bringing their flava to the Treasure Valley from Seattle. Make sure to win the competition and then meet us out at Varsity Pub with Mateo this Thursday!

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