All I have to say about Boise Music Festival 2019 is: WOW.

So many of you came out to enjoy what was a day of amazing live music and PERFECT weather. What a home run for our community and we couldn't have made it this great without YOU. I've been a part of just 4 our of 10 of these things and I can't say thank you enough times.

This said, we're all suffering from some sort of sunburn and are crazy tired around the office this week. You can just feel the excitement in the hall--yet the shared wish that we had today off! So many of our crew spent all day yesterday tearing down, cleaning up, and more. Yet, here we are!

Odds are if you were at BMF on Saturday and the Official After Party afterwards at The Balcony might be feeling a little hungover too.

We didn't want to leave you hanging this week but yeah, we want to take it a little easy. So this week we've officially launched our Boise Music Festival Hangover Week!

Keke and Kat got to work, cleaned out every last prize we have, and we're blowing them out ALL WEEK LONG! Boise Music Festival might be over--but we're just firing up the summer!

All this week, upgrade your drive to work with Keke and Kat and your drive home with me!

We've got EVERYTHING from this years hottest concert tickets to some access to our own local paradise, Roaring Springs.

Tap That App and keep listening-- your shot to win is next!

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