Looking for a change in pace in your work life? Then again, maybe you're just looking for a job in general. If law enforcement, particularly corrections, has ever been an interest of yours: you're in luck. Currently, the Idaho Department of Corrections is hiring and the job looks pretty solid!

When I was in college at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington, I took a really cool criminal justice course. The class took place in the county courthouse twice a week at night and was taught by a well-known District judge. A ton of the course was based around observing different types of court hearing and understanding the judicial system. One portion, however, was focused on corrections and our class toured the county jail, which in Spokane is a really tall tower near downtown. I admired the work of all of the corrections officers because the job was no easy task. It required booking in new arrests, getting new inmates situated, and as we got higher up into the tower--maximum security inmates would do nothing but scream, yell, and mock the passing guards. I can't imagine hearing all of that noise at work all day.

I've never toured the facility here in Boise and hopefully I never have to experience being inside of it! If being one of the officers that make our local corrections center run sounds appealing to you, though, there's a job with YOUR name on it! The pay starts at $16.50 an hour which is a fantastic starting wage--and benefits are solid, too!

To learn more about the openings and to apply, click HERE.

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