He's from the same hometown as Kellen Moore, he's just been added to the Boise State football roster and he's making this season even more interesting.

Prosser, Washington is the hometown of Kellen Moore. The Boise State quarterback now plays for the Dallas Cowboys. Oh, no big deal. Only an NFL quarterback who was on the blue no more than two seasons ago.

The show must go on. As we count down to the 2017 Boise State football season, we're all keeping an eye on the new talent and trying to see beneath those helmets. Just me? Okay, great.

Tanner Bolt is the walk-on from Prosser, Washington and, like Kellen Moore, holds historical school records - both in passing yards and touchdowns. Good news: We need all of that this year.

I saw Prosser as I was driving toward Seattle on a quick vacation a couple of weeks back. I don't know what the city is known for but I know they have a very large water tower that reads "PROSSER" and there's a giant digital sign that flashes in black and yellow advertising "WEED" and "420". That's what I got out of the city as I whizzed through. I do wish I would have given it another chance and perhaps looked for Kellen's name etched in the road somewhere along the way.


The first game is on the blue at 1:45 p.m. vs. Troy. Boise State has been picked to win the Mountain West title this year. I mean, we'll take it.

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