Now that it feels like summer is here in the Treasure Valley, we're all looking forward to that feeling: Getting together with your best friends, riding with the windows down to hit up your favorite spot until... realize you can't bring yourself to visit that business anymore.

Maybe it was a favorite bar, restaurant, clothing store, or even a specialty shop. Not being able to frequent that favorite local business of yours is heartbreaking. After weeks, months, or even years of loyal patronage, it begins to feel like you and that store have entered into a serious relationship. And, just like in any relationship, the break up is always a messy situation.

Here's four Boise businesses that no one is going to in 2023:

4 Treasure Valley Business No One Goes To


Yup. Four really popular businesses in the Boise area, all shut down between 2022-2023. That's just four we focused on, there are sadly many more. What's the deal? We honestly figured with so many more people moving to and visiting The Treasure Valley, wouldn't that mean more people and more money for local businesses? Or is the rising cost of living in Boise putting such a dent in folks' wallets that they can't afford to go out for entertainment like in previous years?

While we don't have all the answers, we do have a longing for these and other spots in The Treasure Valley that are no longer open for business. Here's to hoping in 2023 and beyond that business owners are able to thrive and keep their doors open to the Boise public.


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