I just wanted to personally say thank all of our 103.5 Kiss FM listeners. We had so much fun over the past three weeks and finally found a winner. Here is your Secret Sound. 

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The Secret Sound hit the highest jackpot in our history of playing this simple game. We finally found a winner and here's how it worked:

  • 103.5 Kissfm plays a sound at designated times throughout the day.
  • Listeners call in to be the right # caller.
  • If you guess the sound right you win the jackpot and trip.
  • If you guess wrong then we add money to the jackpot and the trip.
  • You can get previous guesses online and even listen to the sound as much as you wish.

This year's Secret Sound got out of control! We started with Bruno Mars in Vegas and $25 dollars. The contest went three weeks and ended in sudden death. Friday at 5 p.m. the final listener guessed wrong and the jackpot hit $2900 dollars and the trip/concert. We took calls for about another hour till Jamie guessed it right with a co-worker. The goal is to find winners, add new trips, different cash amounts, and have fun. This year's sound stumped everyone and reached our all time high.

Sidenote: The secret sound was the twisting on the bottom of deodorant to make it go up and down. Let's just say thousands of listeners were ecstatic their lives could now move forward.


Jaimie won the Secret Sound and in tears asked if her family could donate $500 to a child abuse shelter/foundation of our choice. It was a very special call and everyone was great!

We'll see you out at Live For 175 at The Village at Meridian all week for our annual child abuse prevention campaign. The entire station goes live for 175 hours, cycling on our new bikes from Cyclebar, and live from Fountain Square. Find out how to join and ride HERE.

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