St. Patrick's Day is on a Saturday and the downtown block party at China Blue, Dirty Little Roddy's and Amsterdam is ready for the green out! Why do we celebrate in the United States? Well, that answer is simple 🍻

We celebrate one of Ireland's patron saints, St. Patrick on this day. That's it. Wait, that's a little, "white lie". WE actually just take this opportunity to drink green beer and get crazy right? The only time we mention St Patrick is when saying, "Where you going for St. Patrick's Day?"

If at least most of us can agree on that we'll be fine. I don't hear anyone arguing over what the meaning of this day is when getting buckets of cheap green beer. I haven't seen a lot of Irish in the Treasure Valley but hopefully, they come and celebrate this weekend! Add this day to a Saturday and watch out ☘️🍻🔥

That brings us to the No Pants Block Party at China Blue, Amsterdam, and Dirty Little Roddy's. This will be the 7th year of no pants, kegs of green beer, and lots of stories. Unfortunately, there's no escape from Instagram stories so dress to freakily impress this Saturday night hosted by Mateo at Night, Lucky the Dj and Kekeluv (that m-m-muah) 💋

There will be one cover for all three bars and discounted tickets for anyone wearing NO PANTS! It is a NO PANTS Party! ☘️

Win your VIPs passes with Kekeluv, Mateo at Night and Lucky the Dj.

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