Every four years, something magical happens in the state of Idaho. That is, a presidential election comes around and everything descends into chaos on the internet in the blink of an eye.

These are also the predictions we have for the political climate in Idaho next year.

There will definitely be voters on both sides of the aisle who are passionate about seeing their party win, while also despising the idea of the party they aren't voting for taking the W.

Some voters show their passion by getting out and spreading the word about voting. Others show their passion by screaming into their keyboard about why the 'other guy' is bad and you shouldn't vote for them. You know how it goes.

With that, here are some scarily accurate political predictions for Idaho in 2024:

  • A rumor will start online about one or both main political candidates that is so extreme that people will actually believe it. Example: "Did you hear Joe Biden once smashed a Spice Girls CD with a hammer? Everyone's talking about it."
  • Someone will come up with a terrible, unoriginal name for one of the major political parties, then believe that they are the single greatest comedian in all of humor. Example: "Check out these dum Democruds!" or "More like Republibutts, am I right?"
  • Someone will ask you ironically if they hurt your feelings after they posted a pixelated meme that shows the person you voted for that isn't very kind. Yes, grown ups will be out to hurt your feelings with internet pictures next year. It's just a thing we have to live with now.

What are your predictions for next year? Holler.

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