It's sad that we consistently need to be reminded that it's not okay to hit your significant other or the kids. I've watched so many documentaries and reality-based shows that pinpoint the "whys" we look for.

Domestic Violence is an epidemic and the only way to defeat it is by confronting it. We must continue to talk and spread the message that it's not okay. Domestic Violence isn't common sense.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and a great opportunity to have a discussion with family or co-workers. Unfortunately, if you grew up in a violent family this might just seem normal. I know that's hard for so many of us to understand but it's true. Think back to a place in life where one path could have derailed your life.

Domestic Violence can spiral a person's life out of control and create a vicious cycle of abuse. We do an event called, "Live for 175" each April where we "Cycle to Break the Cycle". In order to get yourself out of this situation, you need to "break the cycle" first. You don't wanna get caught up and treating kids or a spouse the way you were treated. They continue that cycle of abuse to their kids and families. This "cycle" doesn't prejudice. Domestic Violence is nasty and victims don't wanna discuss it for so many reasons.

Live for 175 - 2018
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Take this time to post about it and share resources. In my experience of meeting and speaking with listeners, there is a feeling of guilt. Abusers can mentally abuse you and make feel like being beaten is a result of dinner not being made on time. You might have alcohol or drug user that abuses you when they are under the influence. Whoa. This is a deep subject but the most important thing to remember is this, "It's not your fault."

There are so many resources in Idaho and several located in Downtown Boise out to Nampa. There isn't a lack of help but more importantly, it's the strength of finding that help. it's not an overnight realization that you're being abused. If you think you're being physically or mentally abused please reach out for help. Tomorrow isn't promised and why should you let someone else rob you of the future you deserve.

Don't let someone else pen the next chapter in your story. You're the author - not them. I promise you deserve to be happy and healthy. If you are struggling or scared then do it for your kids. Use that as your motivation and get out of that situation today - not tomorrow.

There are several resources that protect you and your family. Idaho really does have some great people to assist in moving you out of a bad situation. Here are a few:


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