My son and I have been taking a peek back at some of my favorite old 80's movies. Last night we watched one and there was a reference to Boise that made me chuckle. I also never noticed it before, probably because when this came out I was 2 and living in Tucson Arizona where I grew up.

Tell ya what... I'll give you the line and you see if you can guess the movie before watching the clip and scrolling down to see the answer....



"Sir, Would you please take us to the next corner and drop us off?"

"(chuckles) In this neighborhood? Ay, I wouldn't even get out of the car in this neighborhood."

"Could you drop us off at the nearest Mall?"

"A Mall!? Where ya'll think we at, Boise Idaho?!"



- Ok now any guesses???



Here's the clip....

Now that you've seen the clip do you know it?


Adventures in Babysitting. I used to love this movie when I was a tween and teenager. Although growing up in Tucson I never really caught or fully understood the Boise Idaho reference. I guess to hard car thief thugs in downtown New York City we are all simple and malls here in Boise. At least in the 80s it was that way. The way things are going now half the people in this movie probably moved here.

It has been fun taking a little blast to the past with some old classic movies, if you are interested in re-watching or perhaps seeing this one for the first time we found it (slightly edited) on Disney Plus. Although it may be available through other streaming services too. enjoy :)

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