You never cease to amaze me, Idaho. Little did I know that one of the greatest COCID-19 memes that has yet to be created was real and made...right here in the Treasure Valley.

Even before 'Stay at Home' orders swept the nation--including our great State of Idaho--the major "push" by local leaders and health professionals was "social distancing".  A new term to many (but not so much of a new concept to introverts like myself), this practice called for keeping yourself 6-feet away from those around you in order to cut back on the spread of germs, particularly the coronavirus.

It only took a matter of minutes after the introduction of this concept for the internet to eat it alive. That's what the internet is for, right?

Well, by now I think it is safe to say that the 'Champion of Social Distancing", or, the "Social Distancing Savior" has crossed all of our screens by now.

Here's what we didn't know: this man, as pictured above, went viral from right here in the Treasure Valley.

After discovering a photo from a local Home Depot posted to the Boise Reddit page, it seemed that the man pictured could very well be THE pool-noodle guy. After close examination, I have determined that it is, indeed, him.  Check out the photo below, taken at the Meridian Home Depot:

One of our very own local treasures, Mr. Social Distancing Pool Noodle Guy, has officially broken the internet.  If you zoom closely, you'll see the pool noodle hats are identical, the mans hair seems to be identical, you can spot an oxygen tube in both photos as well as a white oxygen machine held by a black case with a handle. Yeah-- I really examined this thing.


UPDATE: We've identified Charles and thank everyone who has reached out. SO many of you have shared with us what a joy Charles is and we can't wait to highlight him here at 103.5 KISS FM. Feel free to send along via phone call or email any great stories or messages you have about Charles!

Does ANYONE know this man? The search is on and I NEED to get him on the radio.

If you know him, you can call my office at: 208-275-8146 OR you can email me at:

Social Distancing Zodiac

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