The year is 2020 and NOTHING is normal. Everything is strange and at this point, ironically, nothing seems to be surprising us anymore.  A quick scroll through Twitter and you'll seee that Boise is buzzing because a celebrity has announced he'll be in town tomorrow, Friday, October 2nd.

Why? Well, nobody knows.

Barring some typos--sorry, Ocho.... Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson has put up on Twitter than he will be in Boise and is looking for things to do. This tweet went up today and now everyone is shooting him ideas on how to spend his time in the City of Trees. Check out his tweet, below:

Can you think of any things or places that we need to suggest Ochocino do while he is here? Everyone seems to have a suggestion for him--some are great. See some of the suggestions below:

  Maybe someone should tell him that Boise isn't potato fields or the wild wild west? The guesses as to why he might be here are just as good-- it seems a LOT of folks are hoping he'll be announcing a soccer team.   


All we can do is wait..but-- DO WE KNOW ANYONE THAT HAS THE SCOOP!? 


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