If you've ever had the pleasure of living someplace that isn't the Treasure Valley or the greater Idaho area--you'll understand that some things are just SO "Boise" or SO "Idaho". It's a real thing. After all, folks here do love watching football be played on a blue field or cherish this mysterious "fry sauce" as a liquid gold.

While scrolling through social media last week, I came across, you guessed it...something that is simply SO IDAHO that I--a local--couldn't help by shake my head.

It appears that the video is shot on Eagle Road near Big Al's and The Village at Meridian. The video originally looks like a shot of a busy traffic flow on Eagle Road...until the camera zooms in. Sure, we're used to seeing dogs enjoy the nice summer weather from truck beds. But how about cows? It seems this big 'ol cow was enjoying his time in the sun cruising through Treasure Valley traffic...

Check out the video for yourself below-- it certainly made me laugh

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