People are moving to Idaho in droves. Take a look around the Treasure Valley and you'll see what we mean. Home prices skyrocketing. Traffic getting more congested by the day. Longer lines for coffee. You couldn't avoid the changes if you tried.

It may offer you a little solace to know that other cities are experiencing the same thing. You don't even have to cross state lines to make a proper comparison.

The first thing to know is, that when the COVID-19 pandemic started, Americans were moving into homes at a 9% lower rate than average. This makes the population boom in this Idaho town all the more surprising.

The city in question? Idaho Falls.

During the pandemic, folks have been moving to Idaho Falls 3% more than before COVID-19 hit our shores. Doing the math, that makes Idaho Falls one of the fastest-growing metro areas in the entire country.

Why? Some say that the pandemic made many people decide to move to less crowded areas, meaning they're leaving the big city for something more comfy, quite like Idaho Falls.

The fastest-growing metro during the pandemic? Our neighbors in St. George, Utah, experienced over 5% growth compared to pre-pandemic numbers. Boise came in just above Idaho Falls, with 3.3% increase in population.

What say you? Have you noticed other Idaho cities that are getting new neighbors al the time? Let's connect on Facebook and see what you're seeing. We're curious if even smaller cities across the Gem State are experiencing the same situations as Boise and Idaho Falls.

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