Smell that?

That's the smell of 2024 being a fresh new election here in the great state of Idaho.

Meaning, in November of this year, thousands of Idahoans will cast their vote in the next presidential election and decide who will be the leader of our country for the foreseeable future. Will they vote to keep the current president in power, or will their vote bring sit someone else being the Resolute Desk?

Well, before you ask us to do our research, we have, and we seem to have stumbled upon an answer to the question "How will Idahoans vote in 2024?"

Well, there are numerous ways a citizen of Idaho can vote in the upcoming presidential election. That mostly depends on what county you live in. Some counties, such as Clark and Adams, cast their votes via old school paper ballots. If you've ever voted before, you're probably familiar with how that works. Other counties, like Clearwater and Shoshone, have voters cast their vote using optical scan ballots.

Also, if you're a "qualified elector in Idaho," you can vote by absentee ballot, as long as you give it your personal signature.

According to, there are numerous accessibility options for Idaho voters in need of assistance:

Ballots and polling places in Idaho are accessible to all voters. If you or someone you know has difficulty seeing or marking a ballot there are several ways to vote. Voters can be assisted at the polls by a person of their choice or by a poll worker. A ballot marking machine with an audio ballot and enlarged print is also available during early voting and at all polling places for State and Federal elections. You may vote from home with a mail-in absentee ballot. Contact your County Clerk before Election Day if you would like assistance to vote or have questions about accessible voting options in Idaho.


We want to know, how will you be voting this November? Hit us up and let's chat!

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