People do a lot of weird things. We wear weird stuff (just take a look at the people that call themselves fashionable). We eat weird stuff for example pickles and ice cream seem to be a pregnant craving. In France people eat snails and in some places chocolate covered insects are a thing. Some of the things we view as odd are based on customs or traditions and then there is this.

According to CNN a man kept a bag of weed in his NOSE for 18 years!!!. How does that happen? the story goes that while serving time in prison the man got marijuana in a tiny bag from his girlfriend and put it up his nose to get it past the guards. The issue is that he was never able to get it out and then forgot about it. Fast forward 18 years and the man starts to have chronic sinus infections, he gets a CT scan that reveals a rhinolith which is a stone that forms around foreign matter in the human nasal cavity. After the rhinolith was removed, doctors found a rubber capsule containing "degenerate vegetable / plant matter" in it....Weed, Marijuana, Ganja, Reefer, Pot, Dank, Sticky Icky, Green, Grass. Did I mention that this is just weird!!

BTW... CNN reported that 3 months after the surgery the mans nasal problems are non existent.

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