Can you go 24 hours without seeing a single mention of the influx of Californians moving to Boise, Idaho as of late?

No. No you cannot.

Whether you're here for it or not, the folks from the Sunshine State are relocating to the Gem State in droves, and you can't help but take notice if you're in Boise.

And we don't even mean the traffic or the longer lines for coffee. We're talking about how you can't help but notice all the vitriol being spewed online in comments sections chastising Californians for choosing to make Boise their home. You'll hear things like:


Go back to where you came from!

That sentence has never, ever ended well. This is America, and this is Boise, where we love our neighbors!


Nobody wants you here!

"Nobody" is a pretty end-all word here. For business owners, new people means new money and a boost to the local economy. And that's a good thing.


Us natives don't want you to change Idaho!

Erm. Um. We all know why this is terrible. No need to elaborate.


Here's the thing: Idaho is an incredible state, and Boise is a fantastic place to live, grow, raise a family, and live life to the fullest! We love it here, and we get why so many people want to be here as well.

Sure, it can get a little tedious when we're waiting for that parking spot in a lot where we swear a year ago you could always pull up super quick.

Now, is living in Boise exactly like California? Not quite:

Californians: What To Know When Moving To Boise




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