Like it or not, it's snow season here in the great state of Idaho. Beautiful white flakes will be falling from the sky, peppering the ground in a blanket of white, and of course, tons of cars will end up stuck in a ditch somewhere.

More specifically, trucks will end up stuck.

Think about it. Haven't you noticed that every time you see a vehicle stranded on the side of the highway, stuck in a foot (or more) of snow and unable to move, that it's usually a big truck or SUV that looks like it should've had no problem getting through the cruddy weather?

There's a reason for that.

For some odd reason, it's become an old wives' tale here in the U.S. that driving a big truck with 4-wheel-drive and antilock brakes guarantees you'll have 100% traction regardless of road conditions. Hopefully, you know that's so, so far from the truth.

While 4-wheel (or all-wheel) drive can certainly give you an advantage when it comes to traction, and antilock brakes can help you slow to a stop, when there's snow and ice on the road, the only way to truly make sure you don't lose control is slow down, and don't make any aggressive braking or turning maneuvers.

Stay safe out there this winter. There's no need to rush at 72mph when everyone else is in the right lane going 30mph due to the literal blizzard happening outside.

The good news is, when the weather outside is trash, it makes for some really fun recreation time in the Gem State!

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Gallery Credit: Hannah Shippen, Townsquare Media

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