If you're single in the Treasure Valley, you may be feeling what it seems that I have heard time and time again: dating in Boise is tough. I think that is a pretty subjective evaluation of the dating scene here, but then again--I'm truly awful at dating so maybe I'm a bad source of information. I will admit that being in my mid-twenties in the Treasure Valley can be complicated and more times than not with my job I see a lot of the same people out at a lot of the same places each weekend.

Overall, LIFE here in the Treasure Valley is pretty great and the dating scene COULD be worse...literally.

A recent survey conducted by Apartment List and given to renters shows that THIS city in the Inland Northwest is among the very WORST for dating. Any guesses?

Of course it's Spocompton....I mean....Spokane, Washington. They actually rank at #9 among the WORST ten cities in the United States for dating.

As for the best? San Diego, California reigned king for singles in the survey.

I lived in Spokane for four years and it was definitely a wild place. Maybe having a crazy ex-girlfriend from Spokane is a whole lot more normal now, having seen these results?

Only singles were surveyed and they were asked about their satisfaction with several elements of the dating scene in their area.

To see all of the results for yourself, click HERE.

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