I mentioned earlier that today, May 1st, kicks off "National Bike Month" but tomorrow is a day dedicated to something a little more all-encompassing.

Saturday, May 2nd is National Fitness Day. How will you be getting your fitness on?

Here in Boise and all around the Treasure Valley, fitness is a large part of what makes us a community. Maybe it's because of the outdoor treasures we are surrounded by or maybe it's just who we are. Coronavirus or not, take a look outside on a Saturday afternoon and it's tough to NOT spot someone taking a walk, jog, or bike ride. During "normal" times, gyms are bustling and even BodyBuilding.com is headquartered here in the area!

In honor of National Fitness Day, here are THREE ideas for getting fit this weekend. We're all feeling a little "caged" right now and could use it.


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  • 1

    Take A Hike

    There are a TON of great hike in the Treasure Valley and to be honest, there are more than I'm even aware of. In Boise, Table Rock and Camels Back park are easy givens. Find a spot with a great view and challenge yourself to get some sun for about an hour.

  • 2

    Count Your Steps

    Not a huge fitness guru? Just count your steps and cash in on that credit. Most smartphones have this feature now and if not--there's an app for it. You frequently hear about "10,000 steps a day" but is there an actual benefit? Walking that many steps a day can burn about an extra 2,000-3,000 calories a week. Spend the day challenging yourself to MOVE!

  • 3

    Peddle Your Saturday Away

    It's National Bike Month...be predictable and jump on a bike. People all around the country are jealous of the perfect weather we're having this time of year...take advantage of it and get your sweat on!

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