The school year for students all across our state AND our nation ended in a pretty unexpected way. I remember watching the numbers and the caution rise here in the Treasure Valley as COVID-19 began to rise in the United States, just before Spring Break. There were rumors swirling that school was going to be called off for the year among many others and all eyes were on respective school districts to hear what students and families alike could expect. As it turned out, many went into Spring Break a little earlier than planned and most never went back to in-classroom meetings.

West Ada School District has announced a plan for the 20-21 school year that involve three 'scenarios' that they hope will be ready to roll given any possible turn of events.

The first, and most ideal, would be "normal school operations" which has students back in the classroom but there are social distancing protocols in place as well as cleaning and sanitizing schedules.

The second is an "alternate day schedule" which will result in half of the students going to class one day and the other half in on the next.

Finally, the third phase comes with another stay-at-home order, which will close schools and restrict them to online learning only.

We should note that the district will be providing devices and internet to every student and there will be an additional option for students with parents who don't want them going to physical class rooms. We have yet to hear how sports and after school activities will be conducted.





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