In case you're living under a rock, it's Mother's Day this weekend and you should probably figure out how you're going to make mom special if you haven't already. I'm all about keeping it local, so here are a few ideas!

Grab some brunch! 

I have a lot of favorite spots for brunch here in the Treasure Valley but one spot in particular comes to mind for taking mom out to really enjoy a meal. You can't take her just anywhere, after all!  How about making a reservation and checking out Amano, in Caldwell? Amano is located in downtown Caldwell and is consistently one of the best dining experiences that I've ever had--time and time again. Amano is locally owned and operated and it's really in the name--Amano--or "By Hand" in English, that says it all. You're going to experience some amazing handmade, home-cooked meals in a trendy restaurant setting. Trust me when I say this is a home run for brunch.

Buy some flowers! 

Look, I will be the first to admit that I've bought more flowers in my lifetime to apologize than I ever have to be proactive. Typical guy, yeah? Well, the move on Mothers Day, typically, should be a nice bouquet of flowers and there are a ton of local options to make mom smile this weekend. When it comes to flowers, I always go with Hope Blooms in Eagle! Dorothy and her entire team do some amazing work and I always trust them to make something that looks good--you know, like I knew what I was's really always them!

Take A Hike

Tell mom it's time to take a hike this weekend! The weather is going to be PERFECT and there are so many options. Make your way up to Table Rock, work the glutes all of the way up to Camelsback Park, or make your way through the Nampa Greenbelt for a much easier trail!

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