I saw this posted to Facebook yesterday, from someone here in the Treasure Valley:

"During a national health crisis, bringing massive unemployment and economic uncertainty, my rent has been raised $100. 🙂 Gotta love it."

I can't imagine having an extra bill right now. My income hasn't even been too much affected by the pandemic, and having an extra bill or cost to pay each month would stress me out. Because even as someone who is still employed full time, there's so much less job security now. You don't know exactly where the economy is going to go, or how businesses are going to do, even as things begin to open back up starting tomorrow.

But so many people are being hit with rent increases right now. If my bank upped my mortgage (I don't even know if they can do that? I'm a fairly new homeowner), it would be stressful.

For so many people who have lost jobs, are struggling and unsure of how they'll pay even their next months regular rent, that bill going up $100/month could mean the difference of being able to pay their rent or not.

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