We love our Boise River here in the Treasure Valley.

And it’s easy to see why!



It is the length of 102 miles, weaving throughout Boise and much of the surrounding area, with hundreds and hundreds of wildlife species that call it home.


Not to mention, it is a body of water that locals love to frequent, especially in the summertime.

We float, surf and paddle board the river all summer long.

We cliff jump, bridge jump and fish along the side of its calm and raging waters.

Whether we are actively in the water or lounging next to it, it is a Boise staple that Idahoans have adored for many years.


This is why it shocked us a bit to see a video of a truckload of “new friends” being dumped into the river?!

In fact, we’re honestly surprised we’ve never seen this phenomenon before, especially having lived in the Treasure Valley for most of our lives. 


Facebook/Float the Boise River
Facebook/Float the Boise River


What is it that was dumped in the river, you might ask?

Courtesy of the Idaho Fish and Game, a few days ago, a truckload of Rainbow Trout was released into the Boise River at Barber Park.


Facebook/Float the Boise River
Facebook/Float the Boise River


And it was certainly an incredible sight to behold!

Watch this slow motion video below that Float the Boise River posted, to watch as hundreds of these fish are released into the river:



We swear, we’ve lived in Idaho for many years, and it never ceases to amaze us.

But we’ve never seen anything quite like this!


So when you're floating the river these days, just be aware that there are hundreds of new friends swimming right along with you.

And remember, it’s been hitting triple digit weather all week long, so make sure to plan accordingly...

Listed below are some helpful tips and tricks for anyone who has never done it before!

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