I'm not one to keep up with a ton of celebrity drama. How does that help my life? Why should I care? Or better yet: why should WE care!?  However I came across a tweet that I found kind of funny just the other day saying that clearly, Jordyn Woods wasn't thinking about her bank account when she got herself into trouble with the Kardashians.  In short, Jordyn Woods was messing around with Khloe Kardashian's boyfriend, Tristan Thompson.  If you know ANYTHING about the Kardashian's you know those girls aren't going to be having ANY of that...and rightly so.

But it was THIS that got me thinking...Jordyn Woods ran around with the Kardashians and didn't have the foresight to think of what she'd miss out on OR be banned from if they caught her.   Could this be the case in ANY relationship? Romantic or just friends?

Tonight on the air, I want to talk about those "perks" or "advantages" that you may have had with a former friend of significant other that you realized you enjoyed...AFTER the split.

I think back to my last serious relationship and there's NO WAY that my ex doesn't miss how much I enjoyed washing the dishes. Yes, I'm crazy...but it worked out great for her!

SO. What "up-side" do you miss, from a previous relationship?

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