Do you remember being a kid and making those obnoxious hand cut-out turkeys every single year? Trace your hand, cut out the hand, tilt it so it looks like a turkey, and then hang it on a wall in the classroom? Sure, that was the thing to do in our elementary years. But why does turkey haunt us every November? Well--obviously, it's the Thanksgiving tradition! How dare we break that!?

As a kid, I never had a huge family. A couple of stops here and there to see everyone and I was able to be done and in bed early for the night every single year. I mean--it's a day off--why not!

Sure, I get the TRADITION of the whole turkey business. Every Thanksgiving, turkey, mashed potatoes, and rolls just come standard. Since when did we get so afraid of breaking tradition!? Because here's the deal. Turkey is overrated.

There, I said it...TURKEY IS OVERRATED.

Does anybody really even like turkey? I feel like if it was that popular, there would be big bins of frozen turkeys in our local grocery stores year round. Not just around the holidays. Nobody in the middle of June is saying "wow, I really think we should throw a turkey in the oven tonight".

Tell me I'm wrong.

Being Hispanic, "half of me" really prefers tamales and beans. Yet, I once dated a girl who had a family that did Chinese take-out on Thanksgiving Day-- that was amazing too.

I'm looking forward to the same thing that I do every Thanksgiving: a day off with family and loved ones. Turkey will be there--as well as the mashed potatoes and green beans and no, I'm not looking forward to those.

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