Over the weekend, we took a trip to Portland. We came back feeling more grateful and proud to call Boise home than ever before. 

Why? Because, that trip was a reminder of just how great life in Boise really is. For one, we have so much more freedom here than in Portland and we're not talking about anything pandemic related.

We're talking freedom to pump our own gas. There's only a handful of counties in Oregon where you can legally do that. Umatilla and Multnomah County are NOT two of those. We'd never filled up in Pendleton or Portland before, so having a gas attendant immediately show up at your window when you were opening the door to get out of the car was a little overwhelming. We get it though. The station could've been fined $500 if they had let us pump our own gas, even though we were perfectly capable of doing so.

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We're also talking about the freedom to drink beer to earn a t-shirt. As a fifteen time World Beer Tour finisher, it only seemed natural to find an Old Chicago have dinner at. When we cashed out, we were really surprised as to why we only received two beer tour credits when we had four beers. Turns out, thanks to local and state laws the Old Chicago we went to does a visit based points system instead of a beer based one like Boise's does.

As we laughed about how different things were at this location than the one we were used to with our server, a the guys sitting next to us  asked where we were from. Their immediate follow-up statement, was "We like Boise. It's really clean there."

It certainly is and we're so proud that that's the Boise stereotype they recognized our city for because we certainly have a lot of them! Some of them make you go "HUH?," while others are completely true and it would serve you well to just play along.

We call these stereotypes the unwritten rules of Boise and they're something everyone living in Boise should be familiar with!

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