It may be the strangest video we've watched in a while--unless of course this is just a normal thing and we had no idea? Either way, this video which reportedly is coming out of Idaho, is gaining a lot of online attention for every reason you would imagine.

Here in Idaho, we love our rodeos. Technically, rodeo is a sport which involves a whole series of riding and roping contests which are rooted in what society knows as "the American cowboy".  Formed to support the open range cattle industry in North America, rodeos pop up all over the State of Idaho each summer. In fact, just this past week, the Idaho Stampede Rodeo, one of the most well-known rodeo events in our area, was taking place at the Ford Idaho Center.

We aren't sure if any of this went on at the Idaho Stampede but it seems safe to believe that no, it probably wasn't happening. One Idaho rodeo is being talked about all over the internet this week.

The video, which can be found on Reddit and was posted just one day ago, shows a complete "gong show", if you will, during some sort of rodeo.

According to the original poster, this was filmed in Oakley, Idaho.

There are cattle running all over the place, cowboys both chasing them and running from them, oh-- and ROMAN CANDLES being fired the cattle? It literally looks like everything you could imagine gone wrong at a rodeo--except it just keeps going.

Lots of online commentary seems to attack our State of Idaho-- calling Idahoans "rednecks" and speaking as though this is a normal thing in Idaho.

Another commenter wrote:

I grew up in family that does rodeo and ranching and if any of them saw something like this they’d be pissed out of their minds. This whole thing looks like it’s being run by a bunch of stupid assholes cause none of the normal rodeo crowd would ever come to something like this.


Say what you want about rodeos, this one in particular seems to have been a little crazy.

You can see the video for yourself, BELOW:

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