When you went to see the EL James love story brought to life on the big screen, were you greeted by a sign that said the theater was unable to serve you alcohol in your VIP seats?

When 103.5 KISS FM hosted our screening, we were in a theater without a VIP balcony so we weren't aware of the policy until the following week.  The following weekend, my guy and I attended the very beautiful Oscar Party that the Backstage Bistro hosted and noticed a sign hanging on the VIP podium telling patrons due to the sexually explicit content portrayed in Fifty Shades Of Grey they were unable to alcohol to patrons who paid for a VIP ticket.

For the last 16 years it's been illegal under Idaho law for theaters showing movies containing certain sexual acts or body parts to serve alcohol.  According to KBOI 2, ISP received a complaint and conducted an undercover operation that resulted in a citation threatening the theater's liquor license.  Two undercover officers bought VIP tickets for the movie, ordered a beer and mixed drink in the theater before the movie started and continued to sip on them throughout the film.  ISP says the server never told them they couldn't consume the drinks once the movie began playing on the screen.

The owner of the theater's parent company feels that the Idaho code is a violation of First Amendment rights sighting a similar case in California that found that liquor regulations weren't able to put restrictions on speech.

Because of the threat movies with sex scenes like The Wolf of Wall Street have also had to be shown without alcohol service resulting in a drop in ticket sales for otherwise popular seats.

Personally, I think the law is outdated. Come on Idaho, we're adults.  Do you really think because there's something kinky on the screen we're going to get hammered and start hooking up on the theater floor? I'm going to venture most people wouldn't want do that in public (although, I'm fairly sure teens have been making out in the back of theaters since the dawn of time.) Be responsible with your alcohol, be respectful to those around you and save it for when you get home.  I really don't think that it's that much to ask. What say you?

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