The greenbelt is closed in many places. There's water over the path and there's erosion in many areas plus the water is moving so quickly. Why, for the love of everything holy, would you want to take this chance? Get ready for a criminal record if you take the chance. 

You want to get in one more mile on your run or think that being on a bike will get you through the flooded areas quickly but you could be cited for doing so.

There are signs along the greenbelt that read "closed". If you cross those signs and ignore the warning, you could be cited for trespassing. This is a misdemeanor. Can you imagine having to write "I didn't obey the signs on the greenbelt" on your next job application?

On top of the trespassing, if you fall into the river (for any reason at all) and have to be rescued, not only could you be cited for trespassing but you could also be fined for the amount of the rescue. Whatever the "large bill" is for the rescue, add $1,000 for the trespassing citation.

Doesn't seem worth it anymore, does it?

I mean, seriously. This freaks me out and we can't lose you  because we want you to be at Boise Music Festival with us and every other event we have planned for the future.

If it takes laying on the guilt to keep you from approaching the river, it's totally worth it.

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