Was I that nerd that had my laptop open on my vanity so that I could live stream the opening ceremonies this morning? Yes, yes I was. 

The 2018 Winter Olympic Games in South Korea are officially under way and because of the 16 hour time difference between the Treasure Valley and PyeongChang, I was able to catch the opening ceremonies as they happened. If you weren't up at stupid o'clock in the morning to watch the live stream, no worries.  KTVB will be re-airing the party at 6 p.m. Friday evening!

Now you've got a choice to make. Are you going to watch the March of Nations at home or would you rather watch it with some athletes who've experienced what it's like to be part of the parade?

One of Boise's newest breweries is offering the unique opportunity to do the latter tonight! White Dog Brewing is holding an Opening Ceremony Viewing party at their tasting room at 705 W Fulton St (the old Grind Modern Burger space) at 6 p.m. Their party features a panel and opportunity to meet local Olympians that competed in the Olympic and Paralympics in 2004, 2008 and 2016!

I was so looking forward coming home and just crashing after my Cyclebar workout tonight until I heard about this party. It's not everyday that you get to shake hands with an Olympian, so I'm planning to stop by on the way back from The Village!

Want to check it out? Here's who you can expect to hear on the panel!

  • Dan Jordan

    2004 Silver Medalist in Paralympic Rifle Shooting

    Whitedog's co-owner, Dan Jordan, has a story that goes far beyond the love of a good beer. Prior to a rock-climbing accident in 1999, Dan was an able bodied shooter and many believed that he would one day become a shoo-in for an Olympic medal at the summer games.  He competed for the University of Alaska Fairbanks, but briefly retired from the sport after an anchor pulled loose while rock climbing with his future wife.  The fall dropped him 60 feet, breaking his back.  According to his Paralympic profile, Dan returned to the sport as a para-shooter two years later. While serving as a coach for the Team USA's Paralympic shooting team at the 2004 Athens games he won a silver medal in the Free Rifle 3x40 SH1.

  • Ian Waltz

    2004 and 2008 Olympian in Discus

    Track is my life. Literally.  If you grab a copy of the Boardman High School yearbook from my senior year, that was the superlative that my classmates gave me.  While there's very few opportunities for me to still compete in the sport here in the Treasure Valley, I still follow the United States Track and Field team religiously.  The throwers are some of the most fun people to watch.  Ian originally hails from Post Falls and competed in the throws for Washington State in college.  He went on to earn one of the three spots on Team USA in the discus throw at the 2004 Athens games and 2008 Beijing games. Fun fact? He's also married to high profile Olympian! Ian tied the not with Pole Vault gold medalist Stacy Dragila in 2009.

  • Sammi Tucker

    2016 Paralympian in Archery

    I remember seeing Sammi all over the news during the 2016 Rio games! Her story is incredible.  She was the first woman to represent Team USA in the Open Compound Para Archery Division of the Paralympic games. Six years years ago she was in a motorcycle accident that resulted in her losing her left arm below the elbow.  Rather than letting the crash impact her life in a negative way, the U.S. Air Force veteran saw it as an opportunity to turn her life around.  Two years before the Rio Paralympics, she took up the sport of archery.  Using her right arm to steady the bow and her teeth to pull back the bowstring, she quickly realized that she had a real talent for the sport.  Using the motto "Believe and try your best at whatever you do," Sammi earned a spot on Team USA for Rio.

  • Will Brown

    2016 Olympian in Shooting (Pistol)

    What All-American, Idaho boy doesn't grow up learning to shoot a gun while hunting with their dad? That's how Will, a Twin Falls native, was first exposed to the sport of shooting. When they weren't out hunting game, Will's dad would take him into an indoor club.  According to his profile with USA Shooting, that's were International rifle coach John Pitts asked him to give Air Rifle a chance.  Shooting with that club introduced him to another coach who game him a shot at the Air Pistol.  Will was a natural and went on to finish 10th in the Free Pistol and 12th in the Air Pistol in Rio.

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