Dawning her red, white, and blue, she flies proudly in my office here at 103.5 KISS FM...ZAGUP!

That's right, I'm a proud alumnus of Gonzaga University and there's no question about that in our office. At least a few days a week, I'm rocking my red and blue. Some tell me I can't let go of my college years-- I just say I have an immense amount of pride in the institution that helped shape me.

Just in time for the weekend, this Friday is "National College Colors Day" and right here in the Treasure Valley, I just don't see anyone having an issue with rocking some blue and orange.

Boise State is set to kick off with a NEW time on Saturday. If you didn't hear, the game is now at 10:00 in the morning here in Boise (noon, in Florida) and oh yeah-- the game is no longer on a "neutral" field. The Seminoles, because of Hurricane Dorian, will now be hosting the game on their home turf. You can read more about the changes to this game and the rationale behind the change, HERE.

SO, now that we know the game isn't getting canceled (like last years awful bowl game), wear that Blue and Orange REGARDLESS. No, Vandals, we aren't forgetting you..you can rock your colors too. Just be prepared for Friday-- National College Colors Day!

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